The Cones & Curly shows the natural beauty of our collection. These are all made from natural material and can be offered in different colors and sizes. These can also be used for Christmas decoration and can be glittered, flocked and painted in required shades. These can be mixed with fillers to enhance the look of the decoration.

Cane Cone, Cane Spring, Curly Ting Ting, Coco Tin Ting

Cane Cone, Cane Spring, Curly Ting Ting, Coco Tin Ting

We have been doing this business since 1974 and we are manufacturer of ourselves in quality Dried Flowers, Dri Flower, Sola Items, Shola Balls, Shola Flowers, Cane Items, Components of Potpourri, Potpourri Mixture with fragrance, Hand Made Flowers- Bouquet, Exotics Bunches, Wreath, and Ting Ting with flowers bunches etc. Colour, Bleach, Gold, Silver, and Glitter. Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporters from Kolkata, India

We are an organization with our footprints on almost all European countries, Middle East Asia, Japan, U.S.A, Canada, Australia & few from Latin America, spread almost all over the world, but here we believe, it’s not enough to ponder our vanity, we wish to broaden our horizons as well as our reach, as we look forward to spread the essence of our invaluable products to each nook and cranny of the globe.

The products are well accepted worldwide and are utilized within the households, offices, public events, celebrations and the hospitality Industry.

We are a family owned and operated company whose goal is to provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices. Dried flower is very sensitive & delicate business and it is only possible to produce good quality by learning from your bad experiences and not repeating them in Future. We are glad to say that our truly hardworking, honest & sincere team workers are the key of success. Stringent quality checks are maintained all through the production process of the products and our all consumable are checked in our in-house laboratory by a senior responsible quality controller. We always try to reach out for the best and hand it down to our customers. Proper Fumigation, etc. Efficient Stacking and Material Handling uplift the standard of our finished products, also offering an attractive price, efficient packing system and quick shipping we make sure that the right product is reaching at the right place in right time. Premium quality and customers satisfaction is of prime importance to the company

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